Creative design engineering manufacturing fulfillment point-of-sale experience

Our team begins with an in-depth client overview, including background and industry research, a review of brand strengths and current market position analysis. We work to understand the marketing challenges presented by the client to ensure focus on initial requests, concepts and ideas.

After considering our customers’ needs we often seek third-party insights into the problem to help direct our conceptual process. This eventually leads to a complete portfolio of concepts, and the collaboration begins. Creativity is what catches the eye, but we understand the fiscal responsibility our clients must manage. So beyond watching a concept become reality, a cost-benefit analysis will support the solutions we present.

After highly interactive client meetings, concept elimination and selection procedures we move to the prototyping stage to create a high-quality sample that supports the manufacturing budget we were given.

Following the production run and in-store implementation, our client relationship is far from over. We pride ourselves in providing the best post-production customer service including in-store assembly, photo audits, design updates and changes, re-runs, additional merchandising services and program feedback.

At Diamond Marketing, we intend to make your next display development project the best you’ve ever experienced.